Have your cake and
smash it too!


Hello there!

I have been a chocoholic all my life, so what better job to have than creating exciting and fun chocolate SmashCakes.
We can create any SmashCake from soda bottles, donuts, cupcakes to themed birthday SmashCakes. Each SmashCake is unique and hand made, allowing the artist in me to be as creative as I can to design the best SmashCake to turn any occasion in to a hit!
Whether it be a Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Wedding, Bar/Batmitzvah, Quinseria, or any other holiday or special celebration, our SmashCakes are guaranteed to be a smash!

Our SmashCakes are made with quality chocolate and filled with mixed gummies and everything yummy!

The favorite part of my job besides creating these awesome SmashCakes, is seeing the priceless reaction when smashing them.

I would love to create your SmashCake for your next celebration.

We love custom orders and challenges. Bring it on!

Love Jenny


It's on the inside that counts

We are based in Beverly Hills, California and have not yet found a way to transport our LA SmashCakes to other states. Unless you travel with them in your hand luggage on a plane (yes we have had customers do that). So apologies to those of you that would like to order one of our SmashCakes if you don’t live in Los Angeles, California. We will work on it though.

Beverly Hills, California

jenny@lasmashcakes.com  (310) 349-6739

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